Riskplaza webinar

Free webinar – Food fraud: how do you protect yourself?

Did you know that more organic eggs are being eaten than laid and more Wuchang rice is eaten than grown? This sentence can be followed by many more examples. This means that your company could suffer losses in various ways. Examples include your reputation or financial loss. You want to prevent this. Where do you start?

Food fraud: discover what you can do.

Over the last few years a lot of media attention has been given to food fraud scandals. The consumer is more aware of the origin of food and finds it important that labels are reliable. Due to various scandals consumer trust has decreased. The first retailers are now setting additional requirements for producers to safeguard product integrity. In addition, there are various tools to help you determine your risks. Register for this webinar and discover what you can do to combat food fraud.

Jacco van Son (KTBA) and Manoeska Lintsen (Riskplaza), experts in the field of food fraud, will show you the world of food fraud in this webinar.

Within 50 minutes you will be aware of:
– What food fraud is.
– What food safety standards expect from you.
– Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points (VACCP) and what it means for your company.
– Surprising fraud cases.
– Control measures and analytical methods.

After this webinar, you will know what to keep in mind when setting up a food fraud risk analysis. Participation is free of charge. It is easy to follow the webinar from your own workplace.

Note: This webinar is only available in Dutch.