The foundation for Quality Assurance and Risk Management in food

Riskplaza offers two tools for food safety hazards and food fraud hazards for ingredients.
The tools provide answers to all your questions about these risks. Simple, clear and easy to understand. Legislation, standards and current issues are closely monitored, which keeps the databases up to date and accurate.

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The convenience of Riskplaza


An unambiguous answer offers clarity and assurance with regard to your audits.


Know what you need to do because the control measure is specified.


Put your organisation at a higher level. You will have control over food safety assurance.

Food safety

Exude confidence with the  Riskplaza audit+ system.

About Riskplaza

Riskplaza is the database for quality managers. Experience the convenience and pleasure of working with Riskplaza yourself.

Food safety risks

Physical, chemical and microbial risks

Food Fraud Analysis

From addition, dilution to processing.