About Riskplaza

Riskplaza is a unique tool for food companies to control food safety hazards of raw materials. Riskplaza has been developed through cooperation between the industry and the Dutch Food Safety Authority  (NVWA). Riskplaza derives a special position from this cooperation: it is a widely accepted method for setting up, assessing and certifying food safety systems at food companies. Both the NVWA, companies in the entire food sector and certification bodies make use of it. Because of this, Riskplaza is seen as the “common truth”.

Independent foundation

At the Stichting Brancheoverleg Riskplaza, consultations take place between experts and stakeholders from different sectors of the food industry and certifying bodies (CBs). During periodic consultations, the parties define a ‘common truth’ with regard to identifying the raw material risks and defining the control measures. They immediately determine what will be included in the database. They also determine the content of the audit regulations for the Audit+ standard. The Foundation provides an independent platform for the food indiustry.

The Board of the Foundation consists of representatives of the CBs, the sectors, an independent third-party and an independent chairperson. The Board was officially installed in September 2014.

The affiliated sectors are:

The ambassadors

These companies are appreciative of what Riskplaza does and are viewed as ambassadors.


What does the ambassadorship entail?

  1. Has an important role during the introduction of other parties and/or sectors.
  2. Is of strategic importance in relation to the image in the food sector.
  3. Promotes Riskplaza and demands that suppliers have Audit+ certification.
  4. Pays an entrance fee and promotes Riskplaza in various ways.