About Riskplaza

Riskplaza is a unique tool for food companies to control food safety hazards of raw materials. In the past, Riskplaza has been developed through cooperation between the industry and the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA). Therefore, Riskplaza has become a widely accepted method for setting up, assessing and certifying food safety systems at food companies. Both the NVWA, companies in the entire food sector and certification bodies make use of it. Because of this, Riskplaza is seen as a “foodsector consensus”.

Riskplaza is now continuing in a new form with new themes and new services. As part of Mérieux NutriScienses, Riskplaza BV develops databases in which relevant information on raw material- and process hazards is clearly arranged. Riskplaza offers notification services so that companies always have the necessary information with regard to worldwide, current developments in the field of legislation, food safety and food fraud. This is necessary to keep quality systems up-to-date.



Cooperation with stakeholders has remained. Through the Riskplaza Food Sector Consultation Foundation, there is coordination with industry so that practical experiences are used to keep Riskplaza practical and up-to-date.

Through registration of the Riskplaza-audit+ certification scheme on www.ketenborging.nl, the acceptance of Riskplaza by the NVWA is guaranteed. This offers companies the following benefits:

  • More trust. In the Netherlands, the NVWA carries out less supervision at Riskplaza-audit+ certified companies.
  • More efficiency. Customer questions about product safety can easily be answered with a copy of the certificate.
  • Less costs. Customers of Riskplaza-audit+ certified companies can trust that the purchased products are safe. The NVWA no longer requires that customers themselves verify food safety (by means of analyses).