Riskplaza-audit+ coaching

Identifying the raw material hazards is the first step. Controlling these hazards requires attention and accuracy. A Riskplaza specialist supports you in this.

Riskplaza specialists

Riskplaza specialists of KTBA support companies in setting up and implementing an approved Riskplaza-audit+ system. The Riskplaza specialists are very experienced; they have successfully supported several companies towards certification.

What does Riskplaza-audit+ coaching offer?

A tailor-made program to support your organization with certification. What can you expect?

  • Inventory of what Riskplaza-audit+ means for your company
  • Cooperation with experienced specialists
  • Coaching in setting up and implementing the quality system
  • Audit supervision
  • A proven method
  • Clear agreements
Riskplaza consultancy Coaching

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