Riskplaza-audit+ certificate


The Riskplaza-audit+ certificate is a special certificate that a company can obtain if it can demonstrate that the food safety hazards from the Riskplaza database, which apply to the company, are controlled.

The certificate has been accepted by the NVWA and therefore also offers the following benefits:

Better demonstrable food safety

Fewer customer audits

Saving time answering customer surveys

Less supervision from authorities

Less control costs for your customers

More trust in the supply chain



The certification scheme is on top of the existing GFSI food safety certificate. That is why the audit focuses specifically on the management of raw material hazards. The Riskplaza audit can be combined with the GFSI Food Safety audit. The audit is carried out by specially recognized certification bodies and specially qualified auditors.

Extra trust is achieved through an in-depth audit and detailed reporting. An independent expert supervises the execution of the certification protocol by certification bodies and compliance with the guidelines by certified companies.

Riskplaza-audit+ Certification Scheme issue 5.0 (August 31, 2020)

Download the current version of the Riskplaza-audit+ certification scheme here. This document is intended for anyone who wants to know more about Riskplaza and the Riskplaza-audit+ certificate.

This document describes:

  • the criteria to qualify for a Riskplaza audit+ certificate,
  • the rules applicable for the audit and certification process,
  • the activities to monitor the application by companies and certification bodies.

Riskplaza-audit+ certified companies


Riskplaza-audit+ certified companies are registered on this website. This way it is always clear which company has a valid certificate and which products are covered by the certificate.