The Riskplaza-Audit+  ensures efficiency in your company and chain


The Riskplaza-Audit+ will ensure the following:

Increased food safety.

Reduced verification costs and charges.

Time savings when answering supplier assessments.

Reduced supervision by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority for Dutch companies regarding raw material hazards.

Confidence in the entire chain including at your customers.

What is a Riskplaza-audit+?


The Riskplaza-Audit+ is an additional audit that focuses on assuring the safety of food ingredients. A certifying body (CB) performs an additional audit with regard to theRiskplaza-Auditwhen compared to the already available food safety certificate (HACCP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000). If the assurance is OK, the company will be included in the list of companies with a Riskplaza audit+.

Riskplaza-audit+ Certification Scheme issue 5.0

Download the current version of the Riskplaza-audit+ certification scheme here. This document is intended for anyone who wants to know more about Riskplaza and the Riskplaza audit+ certificate.

This document describes:

  • the criteria to qualify for a Riskplaza audit+ certificate,
  • the rules applicable for the audit and certification process,
  • the activities to monitor the application by companies and certification bodies.
Riskplaza auditplus versie 5