The ease of Riskplaza

Riskplaza collects all relevant, legal and practical information about raw material hazards in a database. This gives you all the information you need with “a push on a button” in order to be able to perform your HACCP / VACCP analysis. This convenience saves a lot of time. There are different databases:

Database Food Safety Hazards

The food safety database specifies food safety hazards associated with food ingredients and contains a fact sheet with extensive background information for each hazard. The database provides insight into which hazards apply to your ingredients, which legislation, regulations and standards apply and information on control measures.

Database Food Fraud Hazards

The food fraud database provides an overview of all types of food fraud and provides insight into which hazards should be taken into account regarding your ingredients. A factsheet has been compiled for each hazard with extensive background information and examples.

The database also includes a useful assessment tool to determine whether a particular hazard entails a high risk in your situation.

Database Food Contact Materials 

The food contact materials database provides insight into the hazards arising from packaging and other food contact materials. Know what legislation, migration characteristics and storage conditions apply to it and find out the potential food safety hazards and control measures. 

Database voedselcontactmaterialen