Riskplaza audit policy in relation to coronavirus

Riskplaza acknowledges the risks posed by the Corona virus. The way in which the Riskplaza audits are carried out can therefore be adapted.

Within the Corona virus measures, Riskplaza allows to carry out a remote audit (with video connection), instead of an on-site audit.

Riskplaza and the certification bodies have agreed on the following:

  • The certification body in consultation with the company makes a consideration how the audit is carried out, depending on the (local) situation and developments.
  • Where this is considered justified, this will be a physical audit. Where this is not considered justified, this will be a remote audit.

In the case of a remote audit, the certification body should determine whether an additional visit is necessary, as soon as the situation permits.This decision is based on an analysis of the findings in this audit (and previous audits).

Riskplaza will not carry out unexpected on-site audits as part of its integrity program as long as government measures are in place.

Questions following this publication can be send to info@riskplaza.com.