Transition registration Riskplaza-audit+ companies

The cooperation between Vinçotte Netherlands and Riskplaza has ended as of 31-12-2022. This means that companies that have a Riskplaza-audit+ certificate from Vinçotte Netherlands will have to switch to another certification body accepted by Riskplaza in the short term. In view of the heavy workload at these certification bodies, the new audits at some Riskplaza-certified companies will not take place on time and the certificates will expire.

A transitional arrangement has been established to ensure that the Riskplaza-certified companies in question can remain registered in the Riskplaza database. As long as the companies meet the criteria of this transitional arrangement, they will remain registered, and buyers can be confident that these companies meet the Riskplaza criteria. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has been informed and agreed with the transitional arrangement proposed by Riskplaza. NVWA’s position is that as long as Riskplaza indicates on their website that the company is certified, whether or not by means of the proposed transitional arrangement, NVWA assumes that the company meets the raw material assurance as described in the Riskplaza criteria. Buyers of these Riskplaza registered companies do not have to perform additional raw material verifications.

The transitional arrangement is aimed at ensuring that the relevant companies have obtained a new valid Riskplaza audit+ certificate no later than 01-10-2023. From then on, the certification status of these companies can be verified in the Riskplaza database.