Welke maatregelen kunt u nemen om fipronil te voorkomen


Insects can have a negative effect on crops and animals. Fipronil is an agent that prevents this. A statutory maximum content applies to the foods for which Fipronil has been used or in which Fipronil ends up. It is a known fact that Fipronil damages the central nervous system, the liver and the thyroid gland in humans in the event of prolonged contact. Fipronil can cause damage via oral intake, breathing it in and contact with the skin.

During the most recent Fipronil-crisis, increased concentrations of Fipronil were found in eggs. These increased levels of Fipronil in eggs did not pose a threat to public health as far as we know.

Whitepaper Fipronil in Egg, poultry meat and processed products - Riskplaza

Whitepaper Fipronil in egg(products), poultry meat and processed products.