Riskplaza Food Sector Consultation Foundation


The Riskplaza Food sector Consultation Foundation was established to involve stakeholders in the development of Riskplaza. The foundation is facilitated by Riskplaza BV but operates completely independently and represents the interests of companies that work with Riskplaza. The foundation advises Riskplaza on the content of the databases and the certification scheme so that Riskplaza retains its added value and the system remains practically applicable.


The board consists of 3 members nominated by the participating Food Sector organizations and is led by an independent chairman.

The board meets twice a year and organizes the branch consultation meetings twice a year.

Participating Food Sector organizations

Domestic and foreign Food Sector organizations can participate in the Food Sector consultation free of charge. The Food Sector organizations can nominate a specialist to participate in the expert panel that periodically validates the updates of the database fact sheets.

Overview of the participating Food sector organizations

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