There are many varieties of moulds living in all kinds of environments. Some varieties of moulds prefer food. Some of the varieties discharge substances by nature, including poisonous substances. These substances then come into contact with the foods. The moulds ‘Aspergillus flavus’ and ‘Aspergillus parasiticus’ grow on foodstuffs and generate a poisonous substance. It is called Aflatoxin. In the case of Aflatoxin, it has even been found to be carcinogenic. Which is why a maximum applies to the amount that is permitted to be present in foods.

The favourite environment of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus is warm and damp. More specifically, foods such as nuts, grains, dried legumes, herbs and dried fruits. Products made using the products mentioned above may contain Aflatoxine . Which is why these foods are subjected to stringent inspections to ensure they contain less than the maximum permissible amount of Aflatoxin.

White paper What you need to know about Aflatoxins - Riskplaza

Whitepaper what you should know about aflatoxin.